The Extremely Large Telescope

UK involvement in the ELT


We have resources to help teachers and students - particularly at early secondary level - be inspired by the E-ELT for science education and other areas of the curriculum.

Deep Space Resources

How did the very first, most distant galaxies form? Are there Earth-like planets around nearby stars? These are two of the big questions to be tackled with the the E-ELT and other big telescopes. The Deep Space resources support group-work by early secondary school students using real research data to develop their understanding of exoplanets and galaxies.

Deep Space Activities

Video Clips

We have produced a series of short video clips relating to the technology of the E-ELT and other big telescopes.

Adaptive Optics:

Adaptive Optics are required on ground based telescopes to counteract the turbulence in the atmosphere which causes blurring of images.

In this animation created by students at the InformAnimation Summer School they explain one particular method we can use.



This video clip looks at how telescopes use different robotic systems to allow astronomers to study many different objects at once. The different engineering challenges of robotics are also considered.